In-field video support

A unique and unrivalled "In-field video facility’ will strengthen your position in a competitive field. Build trusted installer relationships and take your customer support to the next level.

Using our bespoke technology you can instil confidence within your installation network and help to minimise high levels of inbound calls and on-site installation problems, providing live support when it’s needed.

In-app video-call support

This is a unique in-app video-call support system that can be accessed by installers whilst on site. This facility means users can be queued and communicate directly to the respective support team members to quickly resolve any user or technical issues. The app will feature the support teams' logos making them instantly identifiable.

Triage process

The triage process gives instant access to common problems and solutions, including relevant video walkthroughs.

This will help users to quickly learn how to resolve their own issues in the first instance, whilst still having the option to escalate matters to a video call with a support member as and when required. By utilising this process, you can reduce the number of daily inbound support requests and product returns for the tech support teams.

Progress updates

Each support member can easily view a summary of their progress on the app’s dashboard. Users will be queued on the left side of the screen, waiting to be answered by the support team.

Create a team

New teams and companies can be added to the support section and their members will have the ability to create accounts under their corresponding teams.

More features

Other features can include detailed FAQ’s, support guides and support team performance reports.

Multiplatform Support App 

Bringing the Support App to the iPhone not only expands the support capabilities, but it also brings it's outstanding experience to more users and support members. Users will have all the functionalities of the iPad version and can easily use its familiar interface without any additional training.

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