About us

A market leading SaaS platform, streamlining the customer and installation lifecycle of electrical products and technologies.

installHUB enables a structured process that empowers businesses of all sizes to consistently deliver an efficient, professional and compliant installation service.

Why we're unique

Our company offers a range of products and services to cater to varying business requirements. Offering both off-the-shelf packages and bespoke solutions can give businesses the flexibility to choose the option that best fits their specific needs.

By working closely with our team, businesses can receive personalised support and advice on how to move forward, and tailor solutions to meet their unique requirements. This customer-centric approach can help your business achieve it's goals and drive success.

Software solutions

We have a number of solutions currently available including installHUB and In-field video support app and the RETROFITcheck suite.

Bespoke packages

Our enterprise solution offers a unique bespoke package option with customisation of workflow and processes.

Other services

An Installer network to facilitate your installations or provide your customers with added value.

Our Ethos

We want to make of all our partnerships positive, adding value for everybody involved. We have a dedicated commitment to all of our clients and partners and a drive to create innovative business solutions.

“We're all excited about continuous innovation and pushing the boundaries within this amazing sector”

Stephen Smith (CEO - installHUB)

Partnerships that
give you more.

We work with a multitude of companies to offer the best possible product, support and service.

installHUB continues to build relationships with industry stakeholders, including EVCP manufacturers, lead generation companies, car dealerships and wholesalers. Combined with our unrivalled network coverage of installers, we provide the ultimate installation service.

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