Network builder

Holistic view of all your networks installations

installHUB's Network builder module allows you to build out your own installation network. Issue job leads, quote requests, surveys and installs while retaining full visibility of progress and standards throughout.


Your partners can set their geographical coverage areas by utilising the auto-allocation feature to automatically distribute work within your installer networks so you can have a “hands-free” process.

Save resources and let the system take care of work streams for you with the Auto-allocation function.

Build & connect

Implementing a standardised business process for all your network partners.

Clarity across your network

Every quote, invoice, installation, site visit, date, time, location, and individuals involved are captured to provide a comprehensive overview of the service life-cycle.

UK mapping tool

Our UK mapping tool gives a clear view of your network coverage to identify specific partners or any coverage black-spots.

Job sharing

Config how you wish to share a job to your network, by either providing Full access, Read only, to create and submit quotes or book survey and installation only.

The Professional solution

Network builder is available within our PRO plan as well as many other features.